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We have dog training options to fit every lifestyle, and to help you and your dog through every step of life together. Check out our services and find what fits your lifestyle.

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At Enlightened Hounds we are focused on helping our clients build a brighter future with their dogs. We believe that building a strong foundation of understanding and knowledge about our canine companions will help our clients to live more harmoniously with their dogs. We believe in harnessing the natural problem solving abilities of our dogs and using it to our client's advantage. We focus on teaching our dogs what choices and behaviors we like by rewarding those actions, and discovering the root cause of problem behaviors so that we can better address those issues as we work together utilizing management as well as education for our clients.


Enlightened Hounds was opened as a way to support owners in their day to day life with their dogs. We believe in being there for you and your dog from day one all the way through their life. From puppyhood to your dogs adult years, we are here to support you! We believe in a judgement free atmosphere while we are training, both for the dog and the owner. Through the support of Enlightened Hounds we will help you build the future you want with your dog.


Meggan and Lydia are the best dog trainers and communicators in the Austin area. They both are very patient with training our dogs and also training the pet parents on what to do and what to look for within your dogs mannerisms. One of our pups is very skittish and dog reactive. The other one has separation anxiety issues. Without Enlightened Hounds we would not be as far along today in helping our two furry kids navigate life in the outside world. The Schaefer's 100% recommend this team for any of your dogs needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to them for assistance.

—  Sharlean Schaefer, Kalvin & Meadow

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