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Sometimes training is just exhausting and you just don't have the energy for it that you want to have. That's okay! We are here to help. In tutoring sessions our trainer comes to your home and works one on one with your dog in the areas where you need them to be trained on the skills you are working on with them. Tutoring sessions can be scheduled to be Out & About or In the Neighborhood. 

Tutoring sessions are available Tues - Thurs between 9am and 2pm.


In the Neighborhood

In the Neighborhood tutoring sessions are great for everyone. These sessions may be inside your home (as long as you are comfortable), your yard, or wandering around your neighborhood. This is a great starting point for all dogs include our baby puppies and reactive dogs. These sessions also naturally build towards Out & About sessions, especially if that's your goal. 

These sessions are scheduled for an hour of training time. 



Out & About

Out & About tutoring sessions are great for those who are looking to generalize their dogs skills and be able to take them to local parks, stores, or restaurant patios. These tutoring sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, allowing up to 30 minutes of driving time each way and guaranteeing a full hour of training time. Your trainer will select the exact location of each session based on your goals, the weather, and your dogs abilities. 

These sessions are also great for our reactive dogs who are working towards getting their skills into more public places. We do recommend that reactive dogs start with In the Neighborhood sessions to set a foundation of skills before moving Out & About. 


After your pups tutoring session you will get a video at the end of each week going over your pups training to make sure you are also able to reinforce their skills. It can be helpful to pair tutoring sessions with Private Lessons to make sure you are able to follow through easily on the training. 

If you have multiple dogs in your home you would like to get tutored, reach out to us to discuss if they can train together or if we should set up separate walks. 

It is important to remember that any training without you is a jump start. There will still be work to do when your pup is home with you to reinforce the training and make sure that everything transfer.

Want to extend your dogs day and give them the ultimate enriched day? (Plus give yourself the gift of a very tired pup!). Pair a tutoring session with a Walk and get 25% off the price of the walk!


The Booking Process

The first step is to reach out and  schedule a phone consultation. During this call we will make sure this service is the right fit for you and your pup. We will also take some time to outline your pups current skill level, your goals for them, and outline a brief training plan. We will also discuss how often you would like to schedule your sessions and get at least the first session on the calendar.

Once your first session is confirmed during the phone consultation it will be booked in our system and sent to you for a deposit payment, or a package will be sent to you for payment. For packages payment is due in full up front to confirm your dates. If you choose to do a la carte booking a 50% deposit is due for each reservation to hold the date.

 We do ask that you be available for 15 minutes at the beginning of your pups first session to show your trainer around and confirm future pick up and drop off plans. The first session is extended to accommodate for the extra time needed.

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