Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to customize a training plan to you and your dog. We focus on training towards your specific goals, in the environment where you need the behaviors to work. Our job in these lessons is to teach you how to train your dog, so that you can carry on the training after we are gone. 

All of our Training Packages include lessons, and we are happy to create a la carte schedules of Lessons only for those who prefer the hands on learning. Whether we are meeting with you Virtually via Zoom or In Person, we promise you will learn a lot!

Phone Consultation

Schedule a complimentary phone call with one of our trainers! This is a great way to ask us some questions, give us an idea of what is going on in your home, and talk with us about the training process. This phone call can help you feel more comfortable and confident in booking your initial session with us and is a great way to get to know us.

Phone Consultations are available on Fridays between 4 and 6pm.


In Person Lesson

For our clients who want to continue with lessons and would prefer to meet in person, we are happy to offer in person lessons as well. In Person Lessons are about an hour long each session, and can be scheduled to take place at your home or out in public. 

In Person Lessons are still focused on you being able to do the work with your dog, and on working through the behaviors in the environment where they are needed.


Initial Virtual Lesson

Virtual Lessons are a great way to get started in your training journey! All of our clients begin with a Virtual Lesson scheduled over Zoom. The first lesson being virtual allows us to discuss your issues and goals with fewer distractions. We are able to go over a lot of concepts, introduce you to some new skills, and even get you practicing on camera while we watch! This an especially effective start for those whose pups are nervous of new people coming into the home.

After your initial Virtual Lesson you can either elect to continue with Virtual Lessons, or move to In Person Lessons if your trainer agrees.


Virtual Check In

Need some advice but not sure you need a full lesson, or looking for a more cost effective option? Our Virtual Check In is a 30 minute meeting over Zoom and is a great way to troubleshoot training struggles, or just ask some questions of our trainers.


Virtual Lesson

Continuing with your lessons Virtually is a great option for continued training. Through our Virtual Lessons we are able to offer the same level of coaching even if you are in strict quarantine, or out of town! You can even utilize your smartphone and take us on a walk with you to help you work through things like leash walking and reactivity in the moment! 

Our ability to give active instructions as you practice at home, combined with demonstrating on our end with our own pups and sharing instructional videos with you, means that your training experience will be very similar to us being there in person with the bonus factor of your dog not being distracted by the cookie lady!


currently No Contact due to COVID-19

Day Training & Decompression Walks

Are you looking for a little extra support in your dogs training? You're doing the lessons but you need some extra help during the week to make sure you meet your training goals, or you'd like to just take a little bit of the work off your plate. Maybe the training is going great, but you'd like some extra enrichment for your pup, or a visit during the day while you are at work or running errands? Day Training and Decompression Walks might be just the thing for you!

Day Training is designed to work alongside your lessons. It is a great support to help your dog get extra training towards your goals, but not a complete replacement for you working with your dog. It can also be a great source of enrichment for you dog! During Day Training a trainer will come to you and work with your dog while you are busy, focusing on skills you are learning in your lessons. 

We are big believers in the benefits of decompression walks. These types of walks can be a game changer for worked up, over aroused dogs, and are just a super nice way for all of our dogs to spend some time. They are much less stressful for some dogs than the neighborhood and give our dogs a chance to really stretch their legs and be dogs. We are proud to be one of the few companies in Austin offering this service. 

Check out our blog post here to learn all about Decompression Walks and what they really mean. All of our Decompression Walks are done on a 20-30 foot long line and harness, to ensure safety of all of the dogs we walk with.

All Day Training and Decompression Walks last around an hour. At the end of your dogs session you will receive either a video or photo update of their outing. Day Training and Decompression Walks are available as part of our Training Packages, or a la carte as detailed below.

Due to COVID-19 these services are currently being offered as No Contact Only. Please check out our COVID Protocols page for all of the details.

Day Training

Day Training is a great option for the dog who needs a little extra training time during the week. During Day Training we will focus on the goals set during your lessons, whether that is training time at home or  focusing on goals in real world locations. It can be difficult for most owners to work on those goals while fewer people are out and about, and we are more able to work at non-normal times in those spaces. 


Each session,  your trainer will come to your home and work with your dog for an hour. Your trainer will come between the hours of 10am and 4pm, so that your dog gets a nice break in their day while you are at work, and will determine the best location based on your dogs needs and the available time. It could be a local park, a nearby store, working in the neighborhood, or just around the house. If your trainer selects to go to another location driving time will be limited to 30 minutes total. 


Decompression Walk

A decompression walk is a great slice of enrichment in your dog's day. We spend  one hour with your pup, walking on a mini adventure to a nearby greenbelt or park. We will keep the drive time under 15 minutes total, to give your pup as much time to decompress as possible. They will get to explore, be a dog, and relax while we enjoy the outdoors together.


Before we leave we make sure that your dog has fresh water. If you would like them to have a snack, or lunch, we are happy to give it to them as we head out the door.

Want us to walk more than one dog? We can do that!

If your dogs enjoy their walks together, there is an extra charge of $5 per additional dog on the walk. For safety reasons, if you would like us to take more than two dogs together on a walk we do require an additional handler. The additional handler charge is $20.

If you would like your dogs to each get their own time but do not want to schedule two separate walks, we can do that too! We will split the time between your pups and add on a little extra time to make up for the switching out. For this there is an additional charge of $15 per extra walk.


We are happy to offer services to Austin and the surrounding areas. Check the map on our Contact Us page for our detailed service area. For services outside of our service area, there is a travel fee of $15 per service. 


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