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Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to customize a training plan to you and your dog. We focus on training towards your specific goals, in the environment where you need the behaviors to work. Our job in these lessons is to teach you how to train your dog, so that you can carry on the training after we are gone. 

We prioritize learning directly in the environment where you and your dog are struggling. Whether we are meeting with you Virtually  or In Person, we promise you will learn a lot!


Phone Consultation

Phone consultations are typically 15 - 30 minutes long.

This is a great way to ask us some questions, give us an idea of what is going on in your home, and talk with us about the training process. This phone call can help you feel more comfortable and confident in booking your initial session with us and is a great way to get to know us.

Phone Consultations are available by appointment. If you'd like to get one scheduled just reach out and we will get you booked!



Initial Lesson

Initial Lessons are 90 minutes - 2 hours long.


Initial Lessons are held virtually. During our initial lesson we will discuss your struggles and goals as well as go over a lot of concepts, introduce you to some new skills, and even get you practicing on camera while we watch! This an especially effective start for those whose pups are nervous of new people coming into the home.


We do require pre-payment for initial lessons.



Private Lessons

Private lessons are typically an hour long.

Private Lessons are held both virtually and in person. Which path you choose depends on your goals and your dog. This will be something you discuss in your initial lesson. 

Virtual lessons are great options for nervous dogs, dogs with guest greeting issues, and reactivity as it allows us to work with them with less pressure.

In person lessons are a great option for pretty much anything you want to teach your dog!

In Person - $135

Virtual - $120

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