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We love our animals and what we do! We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals with your dogs. Check out all of our options below.


Our specialty is focusing one on one with our clients both in their homes and out in the world. Private Lessons are designed to focus on your specific goals in the environment where you need them.

Training Packages

Whether you are looking to have the best trained dog on the block, or just looking for your pup to get a little extra enrichment in their day, our training packages are a great option. They are a great fit for those who are looking for ongoing training and a little extra support in the work they are doing with their dog. We have both weekly and monthly membership based packages, and enough options that we definitely have a package that will fit your needs!

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Board & Train

Wanting your dog to get a little extra training and needing some help with the heavy lifting? Looking for your dog to improve some skills while you are out of town? Or just looking for the best, most intensive start to your dogs training? Our In Home Board & Train options may be just the ticket!

Day Training & Decompression Walks

Are you looking for a little extra support in your dogs training? You're doing the lessons but you need some extra help during the week to make sure you meet your training goals, or you'd like to just take a little bit of the work off your plate. Maybe the training is going great, but you'd like some extra enrichment for your pup, or a visit during the day while you are at work or running errands? Day Training and Decompression Walks might be just the thing for you!

Day School

Combine the fun of daycare with some supplemental learning at a stellar boarding facility in South Austin!

Training Membership

Patreon for dog training! A membership full of fun perks!

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