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There are some days (maybe even weeks!) where you just don't have time to get your pup out for enough exercise. It happens to all of us. But don't worry, we're here to help! Our walking options are great opportunities to add some enrichment to your pups day while you are busy with work and life, and a great way to reinforce their training. Going on a walk with a trainer means you are always working!

Walks are available Tuesday - Thursday between 9am and 2pm.

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Take a Hike!

Hiking is a great outlet for our dogs, and wonderful enrichment. Our hiking appointments last for 2 hours, allowing for up to 30 minutes of driving each way and guaranteeing at least an hour of hiking time. Hikes are always done on a long line to allow your pup to explore and enjoy some freedom while staying safe.

On hikes we spend time reinforcing check ins, practicing our recalls, and building foundations for reliable off leash skills. 

If you would like to extend your dogs hike we can add an hour for an additional fee. If you'd like your dog to get some social time on their hike, we can also bring along one of the trainers socially savvy dogs.


  • +$30 - add an hour to the hike

  • +$20 - add a socially savvy friend


Walk in the Park

Going to a nearby park is another great opportunity for sniff time, as well as a great chance to practice skills around a lot of distractions. Park walks last for 90 minutes, allowing for up to 15 minutes of driving time each way and guaranteeing an hour in the park. Park walks may be done on a long line to allow your pup to sniff, or on a six foot leash. This will vary depending on the park and your dog. 

On park walks we spend time reinforcing check ins, practicing recalls, and practicing our loose leash walking skills.



Neighborhood Walk

Walks around the neighborhood can also be highly enriching for our dogs, and it's a great place to get a lot of practice. Neighborhood walks can also be highly frustrating, so it can be helpful to have someone step in and help take some of the frustration off your plate! Neighborhood walks last for one hour of walking time and are always done on a six foot leash. 

On neighborhood walks we spend time reinforcing check ins, practicing our loose leash walking skills, and practicing sidewalk manners. 


Since training is happening on our walks, as with our other training services you will get a short recap video at the end of each week going over your pups walk to make sure you are also able to reinforce their skills. These walks are designed for enrichment time and working on walking skills only. If your pup struggles with reactivity or fear/anxiety issues out in the world, we encourage you to check out our tutoring services as they will be a better fit. 

If you have multiple dogs in your home you would like to get walks, reach out to us to discuss if they can walk together or if we should set up separate walks. 

It is important to remember that any training without you is a jump start. There will still be work to do when your pup is home with you to reinforce the training and make sure that everything transfers.

Walk schedules are subject to weather cancellations and may be effected by school holiday schedules.

Want to extend your dogs day and give them the ultimate enriched day? (Plus give yourself the gift of a very tired pup!). Pair a Tutoring session with a walk and get 25% off the price of the walk!​

The Booking Process

The first step is to reach out and  schedule a phone consultation. During this call we will make sure this service is the right fit for you and your pup. We will also take some time to outline your pups current walking skills and your goals for them. We will also discuss how often you would like to schedule your walks and get at least the first walk on the calendar.

Once your first walk is confirmed during the phone consultation it will be booked in our system and sent to you for a deposit payment, or a package will be sent to you for payment. For packages payment is due in full up front to confirm your dates. If you choose to do a la carte booking a 50% deposit is due for each reservation to hold the date.

 We do ask that you be available for 10 minutes at the beginning of your pups first walk to show your trainer around and confirm future pick up and drop off plans. The first walk is extended to accommodate for the extra time needed.

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