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Pup School

Pup School is exactly that - school for your pup! Pup School is ideal for those who want to take a little of the heavy lifting of raising a dog off their plate, but aren't able to commit to sending their pup away for a few weeks, or those who want to have their dog spend an enriching and educational day away from home. 

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How it Works

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Pup School is designed for our dogs to get an in depth day of fun and learning in an immersive home environment. A day at pup school includes

  • Play time with appropriate dog friends

  • Time spent practicing manners around the house

  • Practicing manners around a cat

  • Focused training sessions working on basic obedience and life skills

  • Nap and enrichment times 

Like our Board & Trains, Pup School is held in our trainers home, which aides in transferring the training smoothly back into your home. Pup School is  open to dogs of all ages who might need a little extra help navigating life, or who just want an enriching day away from home, but it is especially helpful and enriching for our puppies and teenagers!


The Pup School day begins between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning, and ends between 5:00 and 7:00 in the evening. You are welcome to drop off at our trainers home or coordinate for your trainer to pick up and drop off your pup at your home. You will get home at the end of the day to a tired, socialized and trained pup and get to just enjoy all the snuggles.

Pup school is available on Tuesdays through Thursdays. It is available a la carte, or in packages and for once a week or twice a week visits. Each day of Pup School includes a video training update (weekly if your pup is coming twice per week) so that you can keep up to date on your dogs training. We highly recommend transfer lessons to help support training done in Pup School as well.


Field trips are also available to add on to your pups day! Standard field trips are typically to a park, hiking trail, store, or restaurant patio depending on your training goals and your pups needs. Sniffspot field trips include a booking at a nearby sniffspot for your pup to enjoy running free with one of the trainer's dogs and practicing building off leash skills and recall. 


A La Carte - $120

4 Pack - $460

8 Pack - $920

10 Pack - $1,150

Standard Field Trip - $30

Sniffspot Field Trip - $40

Discounted Transfer Lessons are also available to Pup School students for $115 per lesson.

It is important to remember that any training without you is a jump start. There will still be work to do when your pup is home with you to reinforce the training and make sure that everything transfers. The transfer sessions with the family are crucial to the success of your Pup School program. If you are concerned about the transfer process, make sure to let us know and we can help you come up with additional plans to make it as smooth as possible.

The Booking Process

The first step is to reach out and  schedule a phone consultation. During this call we will make sure this service is the right fit for you and your pup. We will also take some time to outline your goals and set up a training plan, as well over go over our recommendations for frequency and transfer lessons. We will also set the date for your pups first day of school. We only take one dog per day for Pup School, so it does fill fast!

Once your first date is confirmed during the phone consultation it will be booked in our system and sent to you for a deposit payment, or a package will be sent to you for payment. For packages payment is due in full up front to confirm your dates. If you choose to do a la carte booking a 50% deposit is due for each reservation to hold the date.

 Prior to your pups first day of school we will reach out to confirm drop off/pick up times and procedures. We do ask that if your trainer is picking up from your home that you are available for a handover for both pick up and drop off on the first day. If after that you would like your trainer to have access to enter and grab or drop off your dog while you are gone, we will go over that during the first day's handover.

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