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Enlightened Hounds

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we specialize in providing dog training services for puppies and adults. Including private training, day training, board and train services, and virtual training. 

Get to know your trainer

Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP CPDT-KA

Meggan's love of dogs started at an early age. Being born into a family who was in equal parts allergic to and afraid of dogs meant that she was forced to find creative ways to share her life with dogs as a child. Her passion for dogs has carried through all the way into adult life, and she now makes sure her life is full of dogs by specializing in Board & Trains and Day School held in her home.


Meggan is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed. She is dedicated to making dog training easy and accessible to clients by pursuing continuing education through webinars, seminars, and conferences, as well as reading.​ Meggan has been working with dogs since 2008 in a variety of different settings. She has been a receptionist at a vet clinic, a kennel technician at a boarding facility, as well as a shelter, and a head trainer at a training facility and a kennel.


She currently has 3 resident dogs: a sweet old mixed breed, a non stop Border Collie, and a shockingly chill husky mix. She also shares her home with a grumpy old cat, a very tolerant husband, and a very happy toddler.


Meggan likes to focus on teaching dogs to make the right choices without being told what to do, and creating enrichment opportunities for dogs. She specializes in teaching household manners that translate well back to our clients homes, as well as refining obedience skills. She also loves taking dogs on field trips to teach good manners on trails, build foundations for off leash skills, and help her students feel comfortable in stores and on patios. Meggan's goal is to help owners understand their dogs better and help create as many good pet dogs as possible.

Yuzu Tricks Class.jpg

We found Meggan in the best possible way - through the referral of a colleague.  Due to Covid, our first meeting was virtual, and we were impressed with Meggan’s thorough questions about our dog, and the wealth of information and tailored suggestions she offered immediately. I had been concerned that we would not benefit from a strictly online session, but the fear was unfounded -  Meggan offered concrete suggestions and followed them up with a summary of our meeting and multiple additional articles which addressed our puppy concerns.  

When we finally met Meggan, our dog was smitten with her immediately!  Meggan truly sees issues from the dog's perspective, while also understanding the needs of their human families. Her knowledge is obviously both both academic and experiential. One of her philosophies that I've been inspired to adopt is trying to give our dog choices, waiting for her to offer positive behaviors, and then rewarding so that they become intrinsic.  

We loved the chance for our dog to be part of Meggan's "extended pack" and will definitely call her as needed in the future!

Dana & Eric Sposeep , Yuzu

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