Classes are a great option for training your dog.  Our classes are focused on having fun with our dogs and developing new skills in higher distraction environments. Even if the specific skills in the class aren't exactly what you need to work on, group classes can be a great way to continue working on your dogs existing skills.

We offer both in person group classes and some self-study paced virtual classes. If you have questions about what is the right fit for you and your goals, reach out to us!

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Parkour Class

You may have heard of Parkour. It might strike images of young adults jumping between roof tops or bounding off walls. That is just one side of Parkour. The founders of the International Dog Parkour Association (IDPKA) have brought the principles and philosophy of human parkour to the dog world. In this class, your dog will learn the foundation skills for dog Parkour and prepare to earn dog Parkour titles. These skills include putting two and four paws on a variety of objects, as well as moving over, under, in, and around objects smoothly.


More than skills, your dog will gain confidence in exploring and interacting with their environment. Dog Parkour, when taught with IDPKA’s philosophy, helps dogs gain confidence in their choices and communications with their owner. Most importantly, it is a lot of fun. Dog Parkour adds a new element to every day walks and activities. We hope you will join us for this new adventure.

Novice: 4 weeks - $200

Saturdays at 10am

October 2 - 30 

(no class 10/16)


Puppy Meet Up

Pandemic puppies have certainly become a thing over the last couple of years, and it has become harder to socialize our puppies, or even know the right way to socialize them. In answer to this, twice a month we will host a Puppy Meet Up at Jumping Jack Dog Ranch. 

During this hour long meet up we will be spending our time discussing socialization and what it truly means, practicing hanging out calmly around other puppies, taking turns playing with appropriate adult dogs, and discussing training questions that you have! Meetups will be limited to 6 puppies maximum to make sure that everyone gets plenty of time to play with our adult dogs, and that there is plenty of time for questions and training tips. 

$40/meet up

$20 for second dog from same household

2021 Dates

Coming Soon

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