Classes are a great option for training your dog.  Our classes are focused on having fun with our dogs and developing new skills in higher distraction environments. Even if the specific skills in the class aren't exactly what you need to work on, group classes can be a great way to continue working on your dogs existing skills.

We offer both in person group classes, workshops and virtual classes. Some of our classes even have a self-study option! If you have questions about what is the right fit for you and your goals, reach out to us!

Workshops & Meet Ups


Puppy Meet Up

Taught by Lydia Yancey, Meggan Porter, Giulia Giuffre & Lindsey Thompson

Socializing our puppies is such an important part of their upbringing, and it's so hard to do! How do you know what dogs to socialize them with, or what it should look like? And how do you do it safely! Well, we are here to help! 

During this hour long meet up we will be spending our time discussing socialization and what it truly means, practicing hanging out calmly around other puppies, taking turns playing with appropriate adult dogs, and discussing training questions that you have! All of this in a safe and clean space. 


Meetups take place every other week and will be limited to 6 puppies maximum to make sure that everyone gets plenty of time to play with our adult dogs, and that there is plenty of time for questions and training tips. 


$20 for second dog from same household

Saturday, 3/5 @ 3pm

Saturday, 3/19 @ 3pm

Saturday, 4/2 @ 11am

Saturday, 4/16 @ 11am

Saturday, 4/30 @ 11am


Come Here!

Taught by Lindsey Thompson

A strong recall, or coming when called, is one of the most important skills your dog can have. Not only could it save your dog's life in a dangerous situation, but it can also allow your dog the freedom to truly enjoy off leash spaces. 

Maybe your dog comes to you when you're in the house, but as soon as there are any distractions it's like they can't even hear you. Maybe you dream of taking your dog on off leash likes or to dog friendly beaches, but you know they would take off out of sight as soon as you unclip the leash. Or maybe your dog has a blast in the backyard, chasing squirrels and barking at the neighbor, but they don't want to come back inside.

Regardless of your dog's current skill level, this workshop will build the foundation so that you can reach your goals. We will cover why your dog may not be coming when called currently, how to get your dog to "check in" with you, how to build a new recall from scratch, and what to do in the meantime when your dog is still learning. We will make coming when called fun for the dog, so they turn on a dime and get back to you as quickly as they can!


Sunday, 3/13 @ 10am

Sunday, 4/10 @ 10am



Parkour In The Park

Taught by Giulia Giuffre

When you first start learning Parkour skills it is best to start with a safe and secure setup. But Parkour is all about exploring the world in a new way! To qualify for titles with the International Dog Parkour Association (IDPKA), as well as get the true full enjoyment of the sport, we have to be able to demonstrate the skills in different locations and with real world obstacles. This can be a challenge to navigate on your own.

In our recurring Parkour in the Park workshops, we will visit different local parks to help each other find safe and appropriate Parkour obstacles! We will practice advancing our skills in the real world, and we can even film title qualifying submissions. 


These workshops will be held twice a month. A park will be chosen before the workshop that is centrally located to everyone who has signed up for that particular workshop.


You must have completed a Novice Parkour class before joining this workshop. 


Saturday, 4/9 @ 1pm

Saturday, 4/23 @10am


Multi-Week Classes


Foundations Class

Taught by Meggan Porter

Honestly? Training a dog is hard. Well, it's not necessarily hard to train them, but committing the time is a lot! Especially when there are so many things to teach them, plus just so many things to take care of for yourself.

The goal of our foundations class is to break the training down into easy bite size pieces. Each week of this six week class you will follow along with four guided training sessions. Each guided session will be a video that you follow along with, and each session will progressively build upon the last video. These sessions are 10-15 minutes each, which makes it easy to take a few minutes during the day to practice. The sessions aren't long, and you will know exactly what to do with your pup!

In this class we will teach our dogs sit, down, stay, leave it, touch, and build the foundations of a strong recall (coming when called) and loose leash walking. We will also talk about different aspects of training and raising our dogs in discussions, and work on increasing distractions throughout the class. This is a great class for adolescents or dogs who kind of know what to do, but could use a little extra practice to really understand what we are asking of them. It's also a great class for fresh beginners!

This class has 3 options on how you can participate! You can join the Virtual class, the In Person class or do this class Self-Study.

The Virtual class will meet via Zoom at the end of each week to discuss the training, talk about any challenges you have had during the week, and give you another opportunity to practice with your dog with the direct guidance of your trainer. The bonus of the virtual class is that we never have to reschedule for weather, and you will get a copy of the recording of the class in case you forget anything!

The In Person class will also meet weekly at the end of each week, but face to face. You will get a chance to practice around your trainer and classmates and have discussions about that week's training. In Person classes are subject to cancellation for weather and illness.

The Self-Study option will give you access to all six weeks of sessions at once as well as recordings of all of the important discussions. This is a great option if you would like to take things at your own pace, or are looking for the most budget friendly option. Self-Study students can send up to 6 videos of training sessions to our trainers for instructional feedback.

Virtual Class: $200

In Person Class: $300

Self-Study: $150

2022 Dates Coming Soon

If you are interested in this class please reach out to to join the waitlist.

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Parkour Class

Taught by Giulia Giuffre

You may have heard of Parkour. It might strike images of young adults jumping between roof tops or bounding off walls. That is just one side of Parkour. The founders of the International Dog Parkour Association (IDPKA) have brought the principles and philosophy of human parkour to the dog world. In this class, your dog will learn the foundation skills for dog Parkour and prepare to earn dog Parkour titles. These skills include putting two and four paws on a variety of objects, as well as moving over, under, in, and around objects smoothly.


More than skills, your dog will gain confidence in exploring and interacting with their environment. Dog Parkour, when taught with IDPKA’s philosophy, helps dogs gain confidence in their choices and communications with their owner. Most importantly, it is a lot of fun. Dog Parkour adds a new element to every day walks and activities. We hope you will join us for this new adventure.

Novice: 4 weeks - $200

Saturdays, starting 3/5 @ 10am

Saturdays, starting 5/7 @ 11:30am

Intermediate: 4 weeks - $200

Completion of Novice class required to join. Due to increased impact involved dogs must be 18 mos or older.

Saturdays, starting 3/5 @ 11:30am

Saturdays, starting 5/7 @ 10am


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