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Let's get started off on the right paw with your dogs training! This class is designed to last for four weeks and will go over how to teach your dog sit, down, touch, and lay the foundation for a strong stay and leave it. We will take the time to make sure your dog really understands these cues, and that you really understand how to teach your dog new behaviors. When you start this class you will have immediate access to the introduction and week one sessions. Each week new sessions will open up as available to you and will begin with a "lecture" followed by four guided training sessions for you and your pup. This course is entirely self-paced. So while we have created a timing structure that works, you can entirely work on things at your own pace or just pick your own days for training, even if you follow the recommended pace. That's the benefit of doing a virtual class! If you have a bad week you don't miss a class, just pick things back up when you can. Enrollment in this class includes the full four week class, including access to instructional PDF's that you can download and links to instructional videos, for as long as it exists. It also includes access to the group for this class where you can ask questions and share successes as you work through the class. By enrolling in this class you will also receive 10% discounts on live tele sessions with our trainers to help you problem solve.

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