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Dog Friendly Shopping

It seems like an odd thing to say, but one of my favorite ways to get out and about with my dogs is to take them shopping! Especially in the winter it is a great way to still be able to get them out without dealing with the extreme cold. (The same can be said for the summer as well really). Around this time of year it’s also great because I have to do a lot of shopping for the holidays anyway! Two birds.

While there are some skills your dog should know to make a shopping experience enjoyable, we will cover that in another blog. Today I want to focus on where you can take your pup on these adventures. I know that for a lot of us taking our dogs out in public can be a little anxiety inducing when we aren’t sure whether they are welcome or not.

A couple of things to keep in mind when taking your dog shopping. If the store is crazy busy and you aren’t sure how your dog will do, don’t go in. Come back at another time when it is quieter or you are more confident in your dog's skills. Stores allowing our dogs inside is a privilege, not a right. Please always be kind and respectful to staff and other customers, and work to make sure your dog is respectful as well. Don’t be the one who ruins it for everyone.

You should also keep in mind that some stores are dog friendly by manager discretion. So one location may be friendly where another location of the same store is not. If you’re ever in doubt if a store is dog friendly, call ahead! Staff are usually more than happy to answer the question on the phone.

Chain Stores that are Dog Friendly

  • Michaels

  • Jo Ann Fabrics

  • Hobby Lobby

  • Half Price Books

  • Barnes & Noble - This does vary. Some locations with cafe’s are not dog friendly.

  • HomeGoods

  • Marshalls

  • TJ Maxx

  • Ross

  • Old Navy

  • Petco

  • PetsMart

  • Home Depot

  • Lowes

  • Tractor Supply Co

  • Nordstrom

  • Apple

  • Bass Pro Shops

  • Cabela’s

Local Store/Shopping Centers that are Dog Friendly


  • The Domain - everywhere but Sur La Table (Yes, even Tiffany’s)

  • Tomlinsons

  • APA! Thrift Store

  • Pavement

  • Austin Books & Comics

  • Dragon’s Lair

  • Hill Country Galleria

  • Nature’s Treasures


  • Becket Hitch

  • BH & Co

  • Best Day Ever

  • Su Casa Furniture

  • Ace Hardware

  • Charm City Run

  • Greedy Reads

  • Brightside Boutique

  • Second Chance Inc

  • Snug Books

And there are so many more! For our Baltimore clients I highly recommend checking out this map from Dogs of Charm City for even more options. This guide from Pauly Presley Realty is a great option for our Austin clients.

Please remember, this list is to the best of our knowledge and from personal experience and isn’t a guarantee. Now go out and have some fun shopping with your pup!

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