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Adventure Outings

Our Adventure Outings are designed with teenage dogs in mind, and is a great next step for Puppy School graduates. Generally this is dogs between 8 months and 2 years, but it is open to dogs of all ages. Whether you are looking for help getting through the teenage years, need help working through some reactivity issues, or just want to take your dogs training to the next level, this program is a great fit!

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Adventure Outings are available September through May. We have two time windows available for Adventure Outings, either 7:30am - 11:30am or 12pm - 4pm. Your pup will be picked up by our trainer, then go for a hike or park adventure, followed by some shopping in a dog friendly store, or relaxing on a coffee shop patio. Or both! The morning will wrap up with a nap in the car on their way home, tired and ready to relax for the rest of the day!


Adventure Outings are available as many times a month as your pup would like to join us! We do offer packs as well as a la carte pricing to help you budget. 

  • A la Carte - $130

  • 4 Pack - $500

  • 8 Pack - $1,000

  • 10 Pack - $1,250

Discounted Transfer Lessons are also available Adventure Outing students for $115 per lesson.


It is important to remember that any training without you is a jump start. There will still be work to do when your pup is home with you to reinforce the training and make sure that everything transfers. The sessions joined by the family are crucial to the success of your Day Training program. If you are concerned about the transfer process, make sure to let us know and we can help you come up with additional plans to make it as smooth as possible.

Adventure Outing schedules are subject to weather cancellations and may be effected by school holiday schedules.

The Booking Process

The first step, of course, is to reach out to us and see if we are available! 

Once you have selected your start date payment will be due for the program to secure your spot. That payment should be made within 48 hours, or the dates will be opened up again. 

During your scheduling process you will have a phone consultation with your trainer to outline goals and set a training plan for your pup. We will also ask that you be available for 30 minutes at the beginning of your pups first session to show your trainer around and confirm the plan. The first session is extended to accommodate for the extra time needed.

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