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New Years Resolutions

Now I know that New Years Resolutions can be kind of a sensitive topic, and honestly after the last few years we all deserve to take it easy and not stress too much about “new year, new me”. However, it can be helpful and fun to use this clean break timing to set new goals for yourself. In honor of the new year and National Train Your Dog Month, we wanted to share our dog related resolutions with you!

These are our personal goals for ourselves and our personal dogs. If this is something that you would like to do for yourself and your dog, there are a few tips I’d like to share with you to make it as successful as possible.

  • Be realistic in your goals.

  • For example, if you’d like to try Agility with your dog and you’ve never done it before, ‘take an agility class’ would be a great goal! ‘Earn MACH Agility title’ (something that takes years) would not.

  • Be kind and flexible to yourself and your dog.

  • If you are part way through the year and the goal isn’t working out for some reason, be gracious with yourself and your pup and be ready to pivot!

Sometimes it can also help to think in shorter terms than the full year. For example, I am setting my goals by Quarter versus for the full year. It helps me focus on one thing at a time and not listing too many goals. If I have too big of a list I am very likely to fall into some executive dysfunction and be too overwhelmed to even start on my list. So we keep it short and simple. 

And on that note, let’s get started on telling you our resolutions! I guess I will go first…


For the first quarter of 2024 my goals are to earn a Canine Good Citizen title with all three pups, and try herding with Adelaide. She already has the skills needed for the CGC, we just need to test. The other two have a lot to work on in three months! And of course we plan to hike as much as possible. 

Oh... and learn to pose as a group. Obviously we have a lot of work to do there.


Lydia’s main goal for the year is to find Birdie her perfect forever home! 


This year Giulia is planning to work with Guy on getting a Novice Parkour title, and getting Pilot’s Rally Novice title. Big goals!


Linsdey has a lot planned for Maze this year! She wants to get her Intermediate Parkour title, go to at least 3 Barnhunt trials, and hit up as many sniffspots as they can. The perks of being a solo pup!


Taylor is working hard with Luca on her muzzle training and has goals of her feeling more comfortable in potential unplanned off leash dog situations. Blue’s goals for the year are to be the best old man he can possibly be. 

Not a bad set of goals for the team! Please comment and tell us all about your goals for the new year with your pup. And of course, reach out if you need help reaching your goals. 

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