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A Few of our Favorite Things

As we head into the holiday season our dogs decided they would like to share a few of their favorite things with you, to help inspire you in your holiday shopping for your dog!

Some links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through them we may earn a small commission. 

Adelaide, Piper & Goose

One of the most successful items in our house is the PetStages Dogwood Chew. It’s basically a fake stick and honestly I’m not entirely sure why the dogs all love them so much but they really do! I can have a bunch of Nylabones and Benebones out mixed in with these and the dogs will all end up with a dogwood chew and taking turns trading them back and forth. Even all of the Board & Train pups that come into our home end up being super into these. They are the only Nylabone style chews I’ve ever had a dog actually chew down to the point I had to throw it away so it didn’t get swallowed! It’s actually come to the point that anytime I see these at HomeGoods or Marshalls I just pick them up to have extras on hand. 

As far as toys go I’m a little bit that dog mom who just likes to have a ton available, especially now that I don’t have a dog who will eat squeakers. By far the favorites for the dogs always  end up being Zippy Paws Toys. Usually everyone, from the tiny dogs to the giant ones, love the smaller toys that come in the multipacks or the burrow toys. Usually whatever the smaller toys are stuffed into gets abandoned and the pups are just really into the small toys that came out. These are another easy grab at HomeGoods and Marshalls for me!

We also love a Bungee Tug for when we are working on sports skills or training out and about where I need something that is easy to hold onto and shove in my pocket. Not every dog will train for a toy, but if you have one that will this is a great option to use. 

Blue & Luca 

For Taylor and her herdy kiddos indestructible is high on the list of priorities for toys. They are big fans of the Jolly Pet Soccer Ball. It is a great way for the herding breeds to put some of their herding instinct to use, and it’s a great alternative to traditional fetch games. It’s even easy to take both indoors and outdoors for some fun!

They are also big fans of No-Hide Chews! These are made without rawhide, so they are much safer for our pups digestive systems, but they still last a good long while for fun chewing! Plus, they come in six different flavors. 


Maze is a very dignified lady, but her choice in toy definitely is not! The Kong Jumbler is absolutely top tier for miss Maze. Lindsey warns that the toy is very loud and obnoxious, but she can’t deny her girl her favorite thing in the world. The good news is that this toy is also rubber so it’s very easy to clean, making it a great candidate for an outdoor toy. 

Chews have been a little more difficult to find for Maze than most dogs. She does have a beef allergy, and a lot of long lasting chews contain beef! Recently Lindsey was able to find Honey Im Home Bully Sticks which are made with buffalo instead of beef. The good news is Maze loves them! And they last a really long time.

Guy, Dristi & Pilot

These three are big ambassadors as well, and love to share their favorite toys with all the puppies that come and stay with them for Board & Trains. The three of them can all easily agree on a couple of top favorites. 

The main toy favorite in the house are some squeaky roses! They are super fun and noisy, and easy to hold. Giulia is also a fan as they all look the same, which makes them very helpful for teaching dogs to fetch and drop toys on cue! They are also a great shape to teach a hold behavior with, and a cute photo op! There are a few different versions of these roses for those who might want to give these a try, depending on what type of toy your dog tends to enjoy. They come in Rope, Puzzle, and  Rubber!

They are also big fans of stuffed Marrow Bones. Pilot in particular is the big chewer in the house and loves anything stuffed.


Our resident foster dog got to chime in on this as well! Birdie is a big fan of anything that squeaks, but she seems to have a particular joy for these Multipet Latex Loofah Dog toys. She really enjoys introducing Day School and Board & Train students to them as well! They’re typically a big hit. Birdie would definitely like to request that whoever ends up adopting her have a few on hand to help her feel at home. 

She’s also a big fan of bully sticks! She’s not picky about brand, but she is a girl who enjoys a good chew, so the braided ones are often a bit hit.  

Have fun shopping for your pup, and don't hesitate to share your pups favorite things with us too!

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