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Adoptable Dog Spotlight: Emory

It's time for another Adoptable Dog Spotlight at Texas Humane Heroes! This time around we want to highlight miss Emory. She is a very sweet and friendly girl who is having a bit of a hard time finding the right home.

Emory does well with other dogs. She has been able to go to playgroup successfully with multiple dogs at Texas Humane Heroes, and lived with dogs in her adoptive homes. Both homes stated that she did great with the dogs in their home. Emory also gets along well with children, but she would prefer a home with no cats. She gets a little too invested in chasing them around. She is crate trained, and knows a few basic skills on cue. She's also a mega-sweetie and loves to cuddle and destroy plush toys. She's also a bit of a water hound and likes to play in the pools!

The problem that Emory is running into is due to a small medical condition. Because of a bullet wound she sustained before joining Texas Humane Heroes, she suffers from fecal and urine incontinence. This means that most of the time she doesn't know that she needs to go to the bathroom, and it will just happen while she is walking around, laying down, or even sleeping.

It's very sad that something she can't control is preventing her from finding the right home. She will wear a diaper and can be very successful with diapers in a home. One of our amazing clients shares their home with a pup with similar incontinence issues, and wanted to share a little bit about what life is like with an incontinent dog:

"We adopted Fran two years ago from a rescue in Houston. She had only been there a week and was spayed right before we got her. After getting her home and attempting some training we noticed that she leaked urine when she sat. We took her to the vet and discovered she had a UTI. Once we got that cleared up she was still having periodic leaking issues. We tried several different medications but those didn’t help 100% either. After taking her to a specialist they guessed she might have an ectopic ureter. If that is the case she would need surgery to fix it and she may still have issues. They would also have to put her under anesthesia to even determine if that is the problem. For now we have decided against surgery because from the beginning we have been cloth diapering her.

It is honestly super easy and we don’t have any issues with it. In fact it is so easy it is one of the reasons we have decided against getting her surgery. We get our diapers from Shari at MuttButts. She has a special Frannie pattern she has helped me create after a bit of back and forth with measurements. We have slowly ordered a few diapers here and there so we only have to wash them about once or twice a week depending on her leaks. Her diapers are very comfortable… based on the fact that Fran doesn’t rip them off. They also wear well. We have had several pairs for years and they are going strong. We diaper her if she is not in her crate. She is even trained to run into the laundry room for fresh pants when she comes in from being outside.

Our family and friends thought we were nuts not to take her back to the rescue but honestly her leaking urine is the least annoying thing about her. We even had a family member live with us for a while and he said taking care of her was way easier than he thought and not a big deal at all. We love our Fran and are so glad we adopted her and gave her a chance even though her leaking urine was very frustrating at first."

We really hope that someone will be willing to give this gem of a dog a chance, and some cute new cloth diapers to wear! Emory is part of Texas Humane Heroes new VIP Program, which means she is available for a Foster To Adopt situation. This means that if you are interested, but aren't sure if you're able to handle her medical needs, you can foster her for up to 30 days to make sure it's a good fit!

If you have questions about Emory or you want to set up a meet and greet, please contact Texas Humane Heroes at We're sure you wont regret it!

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