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Adoptable Dog Spotlight: Coffee


We recently got the opportunity to go to Texas Humane Heroes and meet Coffee. He is a great little dog and we are really excited to help him find his new home! Here is what the staff of Texas Humane Heroes has to say about him:

"Coffee is not your typical small dog. He has a big bold personality hidden in that small body. Coffee is one smart dog. He is very food motivated and that's where you see his intelligence come into play. If he sees that you have food he'll use all the tricks in the book to impress you. He knows sit, down, shake and is currently perfecting the art of roll over. Thanks to his love for treats he is very easy to train.

Most people see small dogs and immediately want to hold them. Coffee however, is not a fan of touchy feel things. He will show you his love on his own terms. Coffee likes being his own dog and likes being independent. Unfortunately he has been found as a stray more than once and his past family did not reclaim him. And so Coffee needs someone to look out for him without smothering him. He gets nervous when people try to put on and pull off his collar but we are working on that. Coffee is about to celebrate is 3rd birthday this Friday, January 19th."

The staff at Texas Humane Heroes are doing a great job working with Coffee on his phobia around his collar and we have been thoroughly enjoying helping them help Coffee reach his full potential. His new family will need to continue his training, and we are happy to help there too! We are offering 10% off of an initial consultation for his adoptive family to get them started on the right foot.

Coffee certainly isn't your typical small lap dog, but he sure is a fun dog and we know the right

family is out there waiting for him. Have questions about Coffee, or want to set up a meet and greet? Contact Texas Humane Heroes at We're sure you wont regret it!

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