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In Home Board & Train

Our Board & Train dogs get to spend their stay learning and living in one of our amazing trainers homes! We are excited to offer our Board & Train programs to dogs all the way from puppyhood to adulthood, and to work with all kinds of behaviors from basic obedience to reactivity. 

Instructional Library

On this page you will find instructional information for any skill you are working on with your trainer. Skills are divided into categories, and the pages for the skill will contain all of the information that you need. Some pages will be a combination of instructional videos and a link to download a handout, some will just be handouts and explanations. 

If you cannot find a skill that you are looking for, please let your trainer know.


Foundation Skills

The Human End

Basic Obedience

Advanced Skills

Skills to Solve a Problem

Reactivity/Aggression Skills

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