In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, we will be putting the following COVID protocols into place for all of our services.


  • All  initial lessons will be held as Virtual Lessons. This allows us to talk to you without the impediment of distance or masks, and get into the details of training without suffering the weather. This also allows us to give you hands on instruction while keeping everyone safe. Virtual Lessons will still include lots of instruction and access to Instructional Videos for skills you are taught.

  • All In Person Lessons will be held outdoors. We will either meet in your yard, a park, or on the property of Jumping Jack Dog Ranch. We ask that everyone who attends the lesson wear a mask and maintain social distancing during the lesson.

  • All Day Training sessions will be held outdoors. Your dog will either be worked in the yard space, in the neighborhood, or taken to a second location by your trainer. Pick up and drop off should be as no contact as possible. Your dog should either be left in the fenced yard for your trainer to grab, or located in a part of the house that your trainer can access without running into people. Our trainers will use their own leashes and sanitize them in between clients. Your dog should be outfitted in the correct harness and collar before your trainer arrives. Our trainers will also sanitize their hands after leaving each client's home  and before entering. Your trainer will drop your dog off at the end of their hour in the same place they were picked up, and communicate both pick up and drop off completion with you via text. 

  • The same pick up and drop off protocols will be followed for our Decompression Walks. 

  • Our trainers will also be wearing masks for pick ups and drop offs.


If you have any questions about these protocols please let us know. We are adopting these protocols in an effort to remain open while keeping ourselves, our families and all of our clients as healthy as possible. If anyone in your home is displaying COVID symptoms, please let us know so that we can make an educated decision about your appointment.


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COVID Protocols