Alumni Group Classes

Alumni Group Classes are the perfect next step to help you take your dogs training to the next level. These classes will focus on taking the skills you have learned in your lessons and getting them out in the world under heavier distractions and around other dogs. 

The Alumni Group Class will take place once per month and only be open to those who have participated in training services with us in the past. Limiting class to experienced students will allow us to jump into to harder training faster, and skip the basics in the group setting. 

The goals for each class will be determined by who signs up. When you register for class, let us know what skills you would like to focus on. Registration for each class will be closed 48 hours before class time, allowing us to complete the lesson plan. The location for classes will also vary and will be sent out to students the day before class so that we can make sure the location is appropriate for all registered students. 

Class will take place on the third Saturday of each month at 11:00 am. Since classes will be held in public spaces we are subject to weather cancellations. This includes cancellations for extreme temperatures. The cost for each class is $50.


If your Lesson Program included Alumni Classes, just let us know which classes you want to attend and we will sign you up! If you did not take a program that included classes, you can sign up either by reaching out to us, or logging in to your account and registering for class through the schedule in our system. 

2020 Class Schedule

January 18

February 15

March 21

April 18

May 16

June 20

Frequently Asked Questions
Class Rules

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